Group runs

Many of us may have personal goals for races that we build towards for those summer months but we all know that putting in the time is how we get the most out of those races. We are also social animals and enjoy a supportive group to help the miles fly by while pushing each other that bit more in each effort, sharing the satisfaction of a solid interval set, or sharing a coffee and shooting the breeze after a long run. Like-minded people sharing a love for running.

    Tuesday morning 8:30AM

    Duration 1 hour - Though we love the trails that speed work on the flats cannot be ignored. We head out on the flat gravel paths on this out-and-back run, warming up as we cruise through Devesa park. You are free to do our structured workout or your own but as this is an out-and-back loop we will regroup at the end and cool down together as we cruise back through the park on the way back to the shop.

    Thursday morning 8.30AM

    Duration 1 hour - We love the hills so let's get after them. We will head out through San Daniel for another to some of our favorite little uphill sections where we will be able to work on uphill power and technical skills. This session will once again be up and down on the same hill with the group warming up and cooling down together.

    Saturday morning 10AM

    Duration 1.5-2.5 hours - Long live the long run. This run is organized by our affiliated club, The Gavarres Trail Club, which is a mix of characters who enjoy racing everything from short to ultra-distance trail races. Routes are hilly, the pace is easy to moderate though the occasional spicy climb is not unheard of regrouping and fist bumps await at the top. Run finishes at Espresso Mafia with free coffee.

All runs leave and return to the shop. Runners are welcome to our club area in the shop to leave any jackets or change of clothing.