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Harrier Long Sleeve - Dark Gray Heather Women

A performance top for cooler conditions delivered in a temperature-regulating Merino blend.
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Tracksmith was the very first running brand to use Merino as a performance fabric, a monumental move that created the ultimate natural fiber running top.

One of Tracksmith's original products, refined over the years, perfecting the design utilizing the soft and durable material to create a layer that moves with you, matching the rigor of your runs year after year after year.

A constant in Tracksmith’s wardrobe, the Harrier has endured the test of time for a reason: what works, just works.

  • Merino is Magic. Merino wool marries feel and organic functionality. It regulates temperature and wicks away moisture with an ultra-soft finish to keep pace with your performance. It’s resistant to odors even after multiple wears without washing, making it just as tenacious as you are.
  • The Test of Time. As a steady staple in the Tracksmith wardrobe since early days, the Harrier Long Sleeve has proven to persist through the test of miles throughout the years, making it the ultimate natural fiber running shirt.
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