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Merino-T - Thorn Men


Stay natural, stay ready. The Merino-T looks like a regular shirt, but actually works so much harder.

Made of strong(er) stuff Using special spinning technology, we're able to spin a fine polyamide yarn around the merino. This makes the fabric more durable and abrasion resistant, while keeping the weight down. So no matter what adventure you have in store, this T-Shirt can handle it.

Undeniable softness Perfect for hiking, running and everyday wear, the Merino-T looks like a regular T-Shirt, but actually works so much harder. Merino keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. While the natural antimicrobial properties keep odors at bay.

A kinder approach Far from ordinary, in both performance and construction. We only source mulesing-free wool. Which, if you're not familiar, means the fleeces are humanely sheared. So, when you're admiring your soft T-Shirt, you can rest assured that those fibers came from happy, healthy sheep.

  • Materials: Main fabric: 83% Merino Wool 17% Polyamide
  • Supplier Transparency: Spectre, Vietnam
  • Weight: 155g
  • Condition: Cold
On Running
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