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MCT Superlite Carbon

With the new MCT Superlite you are now even faster on the mountain!

Because the MCT Superlite has a special feature: With just 158g, it is the lightest pole in the Cross Trail collection. The fixed-length pole is made of 100 percent highly modular carbon and can be folded up to a pack size of 37cm in seconds. Thanks to the Cross Shark grip, it lies securely and firmly in the hand, because it combines the strengths of the Trigger Shark technology with the advantages of an ergonomically shaped trekking grip. The wide Shark Frame Strap Mesh guarantees a wide contact surface, direct power transmission and effective ventilation. The open-pore foam grip in cork look is rounded off with a short grip extension for additional gripping options. The pole is equipped with a special trail running tip. The conical tip shape provides support at every angle and optimizes the swing behavior when running. Try the ultra-light MCT Superlite if you want to have a sporty workout in the terrain.

  • The Cross Shark offers you the speed of the Shark system and the support of a hiking grip.
  • Breathable Trigger Shark Strap Made Of Mesh
  • Optimized Fit
  • Wide Shape
  • One Piece - 360° Inner Hand
  • Lightweight With The Smallest Pack Size. Ideal Poles For Climbing, Trail Running, Small Tours Or To Take Along On The Road.
  • Carbon Shafts To Meet The Highest Weight And Stiffness Demands.
  • For Precise Pole Planting, Uncompromising Grip And Major Weight Savings.
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