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Drink Mix

F U E L + ®Drink Mix contians 50g of Carbohydrates and 500mg of Sodium.

The contribution of carbohydrates and minerals during exercise prevents fatigue and allows greater performance for longer. F U E L + ® Drink Mix is designed to be easily absorbed. It’s simple and effective formula provides the necessary energy without stomach problems, while the minerals keep the body hydrated and able to perform.

GLUCOSE AND FRUCTOSE. The latest studies have shown that the human body can absorb up to 120g of carbohydrates per hour. The combination of glucose and fructose allows you to absorb a greater amount of energy.

500MG OF SODIUM. Sodium is an essential mineral that is lost during exercise through sweating. It’s contribution will prevent dehydration of your body and will allow you to maintain physical activity for longer.

  • 79g carbohydrate
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